Are you in disagreement with family members or other beneficiaries about a loved one's will and estate?

Contact Terry W. Wood, P.C. for all of your probate needs. When a loved one dies, the emotional difficulty and grief about the loss can be exacerbated when the beneficiaries disagree about the estate. Disagreements often occur over a will, estate or trust put into place by the deceased. Disputes also arise when the loved one died "intestate," or without a will. Sometimes it is possible for the beneficiaries to negotiate with each other and come to an agreement about the division of assets. However, a skilled probate lawyer is often needed to represent the interests of one or more beneficiaries. Terry W. Wood, P.C. assists clients in all areas of probate litigation including:

  • Interpretation of wills and trusts
  • Will contests
  • Trust litigation
  • Guardianships
  • Mental health proceedings

Terry W. Wood, P.C. has years of experience navigating the complex probate system on behalf of his clients. Terry W. Wood, P.C. has handled all types of probate cases from the most simple ones involving few beneficiaries and few assets, to the most complex, involving multiple beneficiaries, creditors, and assets in multiple cities and states. Contact Terry W. Wood, P.C. today to learn how our firm can represent your interests in probate proceedings.

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